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Unlock the Power of Your Data with Your Chat Assistant

Elevate Your Sales and Support Experience with Bloc.

With Bloc, effortlessly create and share a chatbot. Use it for Sales, Customer Support, or skimming through long content.

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Clarify all user doubts, boosting sales!

With Bloc, you can guarantee an exceptional support experience for your users. Embed a Bloc on your website and make your users clear all their doubts.


Don't look across 10s of Documents, just ask.

Revolutionize Your Team's Productivity with Q/A. No more Repeat Explanations!


Top Integrations available

Bloc can be integrated with a lot of apps, so you never miss anything. Notion, Google Drive, Figma and slack we have it all.


Centralise your knowledge base

Elevate your knowledge management game by having a centralised platform for all your valuable data.

I was a bit skeptical about Bloc at first, but after using it for a few days, I have no doubt about it. The team at Bloc has helped Increase my Sales and decrease support time to under 2 minutes, all using their Chatbots.

Shubh Goel

Founder of DreamDorm

Make your first ChatGPT based Bot and

Increase your sales by upto 5%

You can get more engagement on the landing page by letting users ask questions related to the products and services.


Deliver amazing support

Trust us to handle the intricate details of customer support, while you focus on doing everything else for your business. Bloc uses Chat-GPT to answer repetitive doubts.


Product Recommendations

Recommend products to your audience and help them make a choice, solving all their doubts and increasing revenue substantially.


Automate frequently asked questions

Bloc knows everything that’s written on your website, policy documents or Notion Knowledgebase so that you don’t have to worry about them.


Easy integration

Bloc integrates easily with all your favorite apps. Notion, Whatsapp Chats, Google Drive, Slack in just a couple of minutes.


Seamless Collaboration

Bloc saves time by automating monotonous knowledge transfer inside the organisation so that you and your team can focus on what’s really important, your work.

Empower Everyone.

In the bustling world of ecommerce, standing out on platforms like Shopify can be challenging. However, as we discovered 2 years ago, AI chatbots, especially ones powered by ChatGPT, are the secret sauce. Implement them as part of your Shopify apps, and you'll not only enhance conversions but also boost customer satisfaction to new heights!

Find a plan to power your business

Tailored Plans for Every Stage of Your Journey

Starter plan
$0 /mo

For people understanding and exploring

  • Upto 3 Blocs
  • 300 Total Questions/ month
  • Both QA Bots and Chatbots
  • Email support
  • All filetypes with Web Scraping
Growth Plan
$50 /mo

Ideal for growing businesses and startups

  • Everything in Starter Plan
  • Upto 10 Active Blocs
  • 3000 Total Questions/ month
  • Custom Branding and Domain
  • Support via Email & Chat
Enterprise Plan
$Custom /mo

Built for 50+ employee organisations

  • Everything in Growth Plan
  • Unlimited Active Blocs
  • Unlimited Total Questions
  • Custom Integrations
  • Enterprise-grade Security
  • Support via Email, Chat and Calls

Everything you need to know.

Here are the most frequently asked questions.

  • What is a Bloc? How does it work?

    A Bloc is your knowledge hub. You provide links to your knowledge base. And Bloc is ready to answer any questions on it instantly, 24/7.

  • What apps can bloc be integrated with?

    Bloc can be integrated with a lot of apps, so you never miss anything. Notion, Google Drive, Figma, and Slack, we have it all.

  • How does Bloc ensure the security of the knowledge uploaded?

    At Bloc, we take the security and privacy of our users' data very seriously. That's why we use encryption to safeguard all vector databases and store them on our own servers. We never send this data to any third-party storage providers.

  • How does Bloc work?

    It's really very simple. You make an account, go to create a bloc. Add your data or integrate with your pre-existing workspace. And you are good to go! Go ahead and ask any questions.

  • Can multiple users access the same Bloc account?

    No, multiple users cannot access the same Bloc Account. But, once a bloc is created, it can be shared to others.

  • Can Bloc be accessed from mobile devices?

    Yes, bloc can be accessed from mobile devices as well.

Meet our team

Welcome to our team of ambitious and innovative engineers, dedicated to constructing Bloc for the exciting and groundbreaking AI-First Era.

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    Daksh Goel

    Co-Founder and CEO

  • image

    Shrish Dwivedi

    Co-Founder and COO

  • image

    Shivam Pachchigar


  • image

    Anmol Raj Soni

    Frontend Dev

  • image

    Rachita Bhandari

    Product Designer

  • image

    Nitya Jain

    Product and Growth